The Depressed Entrepreneur. Caring For Yourself and Your Business

Unremitting stress. Economic unpredictability. Isolation. Difficult clients. Sales dry spots (or seasons), money vs. family, a frayed social safety net and a crazy self-employment taxation structure. It’s a perfect storm that that can lead many entrepreneurs to feel anxious and depressed.

Fortunately, there are some tools we can all use to keep us strong and healthy. This article (courtesy of the Weebly Inspiration Center) has some great suggestions for beating the blues. These tips seem so simple, but how many of us really take the time and energy to follow through?

Depressed Entrepreneur? Taking Care of Business and Yourself.


Depression can hit almost anyone, making it a struggle to even get out of bed and start the day. If you run your own business while wrestling with a bout of the blues or a more severe form of depression, you may be tempted to curl up under the covers for a few more hours of sleep. After all, you’re the boss, right?

With customers to serve, projects to deliver, business to win, bills to pay and relationships to manage, your venture needs you. If melancholy keeps you from showing up, either physically or emotionally, your business and, more important, your well-being may suffer.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurs aren’t immune to depression, and such struggles shouldn’t be a big surprise given the pressures and isolation that many face.

Author: Margy Rydzynski

Arlington Entrepreneurs (Founder)

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